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Latest Past Events

Biergarten Closing

Aschaffenburger / 400 Grad Friedrichstraße 3A / 5, Aschaffenburg

            Let's celebrate together end of summer season at Aschaffenburger/400Grad Biergarten !

Ascheffenburg Stadtfest !

Biergarten am Herstallturm Friedrichstraße 3A / 5, Aschaffenburg

We will play at Aschaffenburg Stadtfest 2022, in Biergarten am Herstallturm (hosted by Aschaffenburger/400 Grad) Saturday 27.08.2022 from 19.00 Sunday 28.08.2022 from 14.00 More details will follow !

Live at Mainbiergarten Aschaffenburg

Mainbiergarten Suicardusstraße 1, Aschaffenburg

Join us at Mainbiergarten for a nice evening with live music Free entry. But your support is more than welcome !